Donki drops ads on premium Thai rice after making Thais angry

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Japanese supermarket Don Don Donki dropped an advertisement for premium Thai rice at one of its Bangkok branches after some Thai people got offended by the messages in the ads.

A Thai man posted a picture of the price tag and an advertisement banner of some jasmine rice at the Don Don Donki Supermarket in Bangkok on Facebook on Monday, November 14.

The message in the ads banner read… “Gold Premium Rice. Thai Hom Mali Rice, exported Thai rice that Thais will never get a chance to try.”

The man said in his caption…

“It’s true! The AAA-grade product is for export. Thai people can only afford A and B grade products.”

Many Thai netizens agreed with the advertisement and the opinion of the post’s owner, while others felt that the messages were offensive and insulting to Thai people.

Netizens said…

“I tried Thai rice in Japan, and it’s actually better than rice in Thailand.”

“Yeah, we should accept that. All the low-grade rice is in our homes.”

“Thailand exported them. Then, Donki imported them to sell to Thai people.”

“The AAA-grade rice is everywhere in the market.”

“The message is exaggerated.”

“I worked at the factory before. Rice in Thailand and abroad are the same”

Some netizens, who claim to be Thai farmers, confirmed that the messages from Donki are right.

One woman said…

“I couldn’t afford that premium rice as a poor farmer. We have to struggle in a country where the government still doesn’t accept that the whole system falls apart.”

Another man said…

“My shop sells premium rice for 20 years, but it isn’t popular because it’s too expensive for Thai people. Most people think that every kind of rice is the same.”

Don Don Donki Thailand posted an apology on its official Facebook page yesterday and changed the advertising banners.

The new banner says…

“Gold Premium Rice. Thai Hom Mali Rice, exported grade rice which many people haven’t tried before.”

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