Rice exporters say Thailand needs new rice breeds to be competitive

Rice exporters have said that Thailand needs new breeds of rice to compete in the global rice market. The president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association said yesterday that Thailand tends to set its rice prices too high for its quality, which is why the country’s rice export volume has continued to drop.

The president, Charoen Laothamatas, said that new breeds must be developed that suit the market’s demand. He noted that in his 40 years working in the rice industry, he has not seen Thailand develop any new rice breeds. He said…

“Many new breeds have been discovered or developed by universities and institutes, but lack proper development and support to make them viable for mass production and export.”

Charoen has now suggested forming a “Rice Board” to improve and develop new rice breeds. He wants the board to include the Thai Rice Exporters Association, Thai Rice Packers Association, Thai Rice Mill Association, and Thai Seed Trade Association. He said the board members can come up with policies that will benefit all related parties.

Charoen says the Thai government should make setting up a rice board part of its agenda so that it can be formed as soon as possible. He noted that “developing a new breed of rice will take at least three years…”.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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Tara Abhasakun

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