Doctors ask the government to do a better job with their handling of vaccines

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The Royal College of Physicians of Thailand is prodding the government to increase their vaccine efforts: to get vaccines faster and to get enough vaccines for Thailand inhabitants so herd immunity can be reached as soon as possible.

Today, the RCPT chairperson, Dr Anutra Chittinandana said that the board of the RCPT thought it was crucial to issues a 2nd statement on vaccines. In today’s statement, the RCPT is asking the government to obtain good vaccines, of all varieties, that are effective against Covid mutations. Crucially, to those who have already gotten 1 dose.

The RCPT also pressed the government to create a clear and transparent vaccine management system to ensure there is no political interference or “preference” in vaccine allocation. Further, they want the government to eliminate bureaucratic red tape, which they say impedes the obtainment of vaccines. They also want financial backing for the research and development of locally made vaccines.

The doctors say people need to be vaccinated ASAP, but they also say that people must be responsible, too. They recommend abstaining from social activities which bring people in close proximity. They encouraged people to continue to wear face masks while in public, and to adhere to social distancing rules. They did not mention if people should keep refraining from having intercourse as per advice from the health department.

The Rural Doctor Society of Thailand has been continuously vocal in its calls for government transparency surrounding Covid.


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