Divine intervention: Buddha statue transport turns fatal, spirits stir unrest

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A Thai man was killed and another injured when a Buddha statue they were transporting from Baan None Kate Temple in the northeastern province of Si Saket toppled over them. Residents believe the fatal accident occurred because the Buddha spirits did not want the statue to be moved.

Baan None Kate Temple was preparing to hold a royal cremation ceremony for a respected monk named Kliang Teachadhammo so, the temple hired workers and encouraged locals in the area to help clean the area in preparation for the ceremony.

Two locals, Saranyou Kanyamai and Adisak Chartsai, yesterday were helping monks move the 200 kilogrammes Buddha statue when the statue topped over them while they tried to put it on a six-wheel truck.

Witnesses rushed to rescue the two victims from beneath the weighty statue but Saranyu was pronounced dead at the scene while Adisak sustained severe injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

One witness, 50 year old Nopporn, revealed that he observed the Buddha statue striking Saranyu on the chest while Adisak was struck on his back. Saranyu, being of a slight build, was unable to bear the immense weight of the statue, leading to his untimely death.

Locals living nearby the scene believe that the incident was a result of a temple curse as another man died after falling from some scaffolding at the temple. Some residents believe that the Buddha statue did not desire to be moved and was angry, causing the accident.

Adding to the aura of mystery surrounding temples in Thailand, a similar incident took place in February of this year. On that occasion, a Thai man tragically passed away after converting the sacred stupa at Chong Lom Temple, situated in the central province of Samut Sakhon, into his house.

The man was reportedly an alcoholic. Every time he was drunk, he would climb into the stupa and sleep there. Locals agreed that the supernatural souls living in the stupa were angry at the man and murdered him.

Superstitious nonsense or divine intervention?

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