Unhinged Thai son attacks mother in dog discipline dispute

Photo via Khaosod.

A 68 year old Thai woman was allegedly attacked by her son and suffered critical injuries after trying to discipline a dog. The son is known in the community for his peculiar behaviour with pit bulls, even at one point parading them in his car until they died. The incident happened in the city of Rangsit in Pathum Thani province.

Three days ago, a legal entity reported that a domestic dispute occurred between the mother and her son over her consumption of alcohol. The disagreement escalated when the mother attempted to discipline one of the dogs by hitting it, causing the dog to bite her in reaction. This drew the son into the drama, who then reportedly attacked his mother, Khaosod reported.

The victim’s son is known in the neighbourhood for his odd behaviour and mistreatment of his pit bulls on various occasions. This time around, he allegedly assaulted his mother with a 20-inch Buddha statue, leading to her sustaining critical head injuries. Neighbours, upon hearing the tumultuous commotion, rushed the mother to a hospital, as her son was detained by the police and later released.

This incident has sparked fear within the community, cautioning residents to be wary of the eccentric individual. His bizarre actions repeatedly cause worry amongst the residents, especially with reports of him still owning a pit bull. This has led to neighbours’ reluctance to live on the same floor as Nong’s son, due to fear and for their safety. The mother is expected to return home from the hospital soon, causing anxiety about potential future incidents.

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