Disruptive neighbour in Chiang Mai terrorises local community

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A disruptive neighbour in Chiang Mai‘s Chom Thong district has become a source of frustration for the local community due to negative signage, loud noises, and other disturbances. Despite attempts to resolve the issues, the homeowner persists with these troubling antics.

Residents of Ban Luang subdistrict, Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai, are troubled by a house that has become infamous for its negative signs and disturbances. The house is situated near a popular tourist area, adding to the community’s concerns.

Neighbours have reported several issues, including persistent noise disturbances. Loud sounds from the house’s CCTV system, such as crying children, sirens, and convenience store doorbells, are broadcast from morning until evening, disturbing those within a 50-metre radius.

Additionally, the homeowner has planted trees on public pathways, obstructing visibility and creating a hazard for drivers on the road from the slaughterhouse to a nearby intersection. The homeowner agreed to trim the trees but left branches in front of the house, further obstructing the area with sharp, thorny branches to prevent parking.

The negative signage around the house has also been a point of contention. The homeowner criticises various subjects openly, which residents feel is inappropriate for a community setting. Another disturbing practice includes setting up rituals and offerings on public roads.

During a recent annual event, the homeowner placed beer bottles along the roadside, leading to accidents in poorly lit areas.

Anong, a long-time community member, explained that the house has displayed provocative signs for about five to six years. She mentioned that the homeowner sometimes places photos of her deceased son and relatives on the fence, which startles drivers passing by. Anong has urged the homeowner to remove the signs and tidy up the house, noting that the clutter poses a safety and cleanliness risk.

Village headman, 45 year old Wacharin Supinta stated that he had spoken with the homeowner, who is generally amicable. The headman and municipal officers’ attempts to address the situation, were met with inconsistent compliance from the disruptive neighbour. Wacharin mentioned that he would attempt to speak with her again to resolve the matter definitively and improve the community’s image, reported KhaoSod.

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