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    Concerns rise over Thai ministry’s plan to sell decade-old rice

    Concerns are escalating over the Thai Commerce Ministry’s plan to sell decade-old rice from the former government’s rice-pledging scheme. Consumer safety watchdogs, including the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have been urged to investigate potential aflatoxin and chemical contamination in the grain. This appeal comes in the wake of Commerce Minister…

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    Health concerns rise with high mitragynine kratom drinks

    Public health officials issued a stern warning regarding the rising trend of kratom-infused drinks, highlighting that these beverages may contain dangerously high levels of mitragynine, a compound found in the kratom plant. The Department of Medical Sciences, after conducting safety tests across various regions in March, revealed that all 52 samples of kratom-mixed beverages contained mitragynine levels ranging from 22…

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    Dispute over Thailand’s tallest Thao Wessuwan statue escalates

    A contentious dispute has erupted over the world’s tallest statue of the deity Thao Wessuwan, as the landowner, who had initially agreed to a sale, has now backed out. This sudden change has caused confusion and concern among the devotees. In a press conference convened at the Sathan Saphan Bun Association in Rayong Province, 27-year-old Chakkrit, renowned for his charitable…