Disappearance of two year old boy sparks search in Chiang Rai

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Search intensifies for a two year old boy from the Lahu tribe, who vanished from his mountain village in Chiang Rai last Saturday.

Officials from the Mirror Foundation have outlined four potential scenarios for the boy, Kriangkrai Sae Mee’s disappearance, including abduction, domestic violence, accidents, or disputes over guardianship.

Mae Yao sub-district police disclosed that Kriangkrai was last spotted with his uncle, who tested positive for drug use on the day he was brought in for questioning. Despite this, authorities assert there is no evidence directly linking the uncle to the disappearance.

With hopes of uncovering clues, two police sniffer dogs were dispatched to Ban Phasuk village in Mae Yao sub-district.

The boy’s distressed mother and grandmother, accompanied by Thai PBS reporters, retraced Kriangkrai’s steps to the spot where he was last seen playing with a football alongside his uncle. They maintain there were no internal conflicts within the community. However, villagers noted the presence of outsiders during a wedding ceremony on the day of the disappearance, though Kriangkrai seldom ventured out of the village alone.

Concerned villagers initiated the search immediately but delayed reporting to the police, as the station is an hour’s walk from the village, reported Thai PBS World.

The location where Kriangkrai was last sighted is a hill adjacent to his parents’ residence, near a dry creek, with a flowing stream approximately 400 metres away.

In related news, a Thai restaurant owner in Malaysia revealed that a Thai woman, who disappeared on March 8, has been arrested by Malaysian police. She is reportedly safe but will be unable to contact her family until her interrogation is complete.

In other news, police discovered the dead body of a Canadian man under the platform of Chet Samian Railway Station in the central province of Ratchaburi on March 21. This discovery followed a missing person report filed the previous day.

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