Dead body with stab wounds found in river in central Thailand

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A local found the dead body of an unidentified Thai man in the Mae Klong River in Samut Songkram province near Bangkok. Officers reported they discovered two stab wounds on the dead man’s back.

Officers from Mueang Samut Songkram Police Station were notified about the death and investigated the scene yesterday, May 18. The body was discovered in the river in front of the Sattha Tham Temple.

According to the police report, the man did not have any documents on him that could reveal his identity. He was approximately between 30 to 40 years of age and measured approximately 160 centimetres in height. He was found without a shirt but wore long jeans. There were two stab wounds in his back. Officers believe he died three days before his discovery.

His body was sent to Somdej Phra Phutthaloetla Hospital for an autopsy. Officers reckon that he was attacked before being left in the river.

An official from the Sawang Benjatham Rescue Team, Anuwat Phatajittanon, reported that there was a violent brawl between two groups of people a few days before the death discovery. Four people were injured, and three of them were stabbed. He believes that this man’s stabbing was related to this incident.

In February, a similar shocking discovery was reported in the southern province of Narathiwas. Residents in the area discovered the dead bodies of four men in the Juerae Lake and Kolok River. All of them had several gunshot wounds. Among the deceased, three bodies were found in a sedan truck that was submerged in the river.

Following further investigation, the four deceased were found to be members of a drug trafficking gang in the province. Conflicts within the gang led to the murder. Four suspects were arrested in connection with the murder, and one of them was the younger brother of the famous Thai singer, Methee Aroon, from the Labanoon band.

In the same Mae Klong River, a woman was rescued after she attempted to end her life by jumping into the river. She floated along the river in a praying gesture for 10 hours before being rescued.

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