Currency clash turns deadly: Thai cop’s dispute over money with wife ends in tragedy

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A Thai cop yesterday allegedly murdered his wife during a dispute over money at a welfare house in Nakhon Nayok, located in the central province. The cop, identified as 51 year old police senior sergeant major Surakij Larbkij, then made a desperate attempt on his own life but miraculously survived.

Upon receiving the distress call, officers from Na Hin Lat Police Station swiftly arrived at the scene. They immediately rushed Surakij to the hospital for treatment of the gunshot wound to his head. Sadly, the cop’s wife, 33 year old Chantra Lertsakunpaporn, was found lifeless on the bed.

Nithiphat Siraphatkittina, a police officer residing nearby the couple’s house, provided his account of the incident to ThaiRath. Nithiphat revealed that when he returned home from work at around 4pm, he heard a series of five gunshots. Shortly after, the couple’s son emerged from the house, seeking help from him.

Nithiphat entered the house and discovered the lifeless body of Chantra lying on the bed. Surakij was found sitting close by, with a gunshot wound to his head and bloodstains covering his face.

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Chanthani Lertsakunpaporn, Chantra’s older sister, disclosed that Chantra and Surakij had been together for three years. Although they frequently argued over financial matters, they shared a deep love for each other and had been happily raising their six-year-old son, who was Chantra’s child from a previous marriage.

According to the son’s testimony, Surakij had picked him up from school prior to the tragic incident. Upon their return home, the boy requested his mother’s phone to watch his favourite cartoon. Regrettably, Surakij denied the request, leading to a heated argument between him and Chantra. Eventually, Surakij brandished a gun and fatally shot his wife.

The Daily News reported that the Thai cop had consumed alcohol before the incident and the dispute escalated over his insistence on watching a specific television channel, which his wife opposed.

Currently, Surakij remains under close supervision at Nakhon Nayok Hospital, where he is receiving medical treatment and being monitored by officers. The community is left shaken by this devastating event that unfolded within the confines of a welfare house.

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