Couple finds matching lucky numbers at Kham Chanod Island

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A couple visited Kham Chanod Island to offer thanks after their wishes were granted twice, with surprising results as the incense and candle numbers matched.

Reporters from Kham Chanod Island, the land of King Naga Sri Sutho and Queen Sri Pathum, reported that tourists flocked to the sacred site in Non Mueang, Ban Muang Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province, yesterday.

The visit coincided with Wan Phra, the eighth day of the waning moon in the seventh month. Many came to pay respects and seek blessings, especially as the lottery draw date approached.

The Kham Chanod management strictly enforced body temperature checks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. After the temperature checks, visitors received queue cards and entered the Naga Palace gate to offer prayers and seek fortune according to their faith.

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Lottery enthusiasts gathered at the ritual area in front of Kham Chanod Island, particularly those seeking lucky numbers before the draw. The ritual tables included offerings for wealth and success as well as thanksgiving rituals.

One table, in particular, stood out. It belonged to a couple from Chaiyaphum Province who had previously made vows to King Naga and Queen Sri Pathum and saw their business and lottery wishes come true twice. This was their third visit to Kham Chanod, this time to offer thanks. The ritual was led by Chawakan Kamwansa.

After the ceremony, the couple was astonished to find that the holy water bowl showed the number 929, which matched the incense fortune number 929. Even more surprising was that a nearby shrine, donated by a lucky individual, also bore the number 929. These three instances of the number 929 appearing together were seen as a potential sign of good fortune for the upcoming lottery draw on July 1, reported Sanook.

At the lottery ticket stalls in front of Kham Chanod, the numbers frequently inquired about but unavailable were 98 and 89. It remains unclear where these popular numbers originated.

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