Thai singer Ning Eileen apologises after controversial comments on Siam Paragon shooting

Photo: KhaoSod.

Thai singer Ning Eileen faced a backlash after making controversial comments about a violent incident at a Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok that resulted in the death of two women and injuries to five people. Her remarks, seen by many as insensitive, triggered a wave of criticism, forcing the 30 year old singer to issue a public apology.

The tragic event, which took place three days ago, sparked widespread discussions and expressions of grief. Several public figures have addressed the issue, but Ning Eileen’s comments deviated from the general sentiment. Her post, tagged #SiamParagonShooting, read…

“I would have shot more than that. This world is too crowded, it’s about time.”

Following the fierce backlash, Ning Eileen was compelled to delete the post and issue an apology on Twitter.

“I must apologise for what I have done. It was all my fault. I apologise to my label, my fans, and everyone who saw my post. I am sorry for disappointing you and causing you to be affected by this issue. I regret what happened, and I take full responsibility for all the wrongdoing.”

However, the saga took another twist when some questioned the authenticity of the account from which the controversial post originated. Doubts were put to rest when Thaidol Music, Ning Eileen’s record label, issued a statement apologising for the “inappropriate” post, reported KhaoSod.

“We wish to clarify that Thaidol Music does not support such behaviour. We hereby issue this statement to show that the content of the post was not suitable.”

This confirmation put an end to the speculation, confirming that the controversial post indeed came from Ning Eileen’s official account.

The recent shooting at Siam Paragon led to two fatalities and several injuries. In response to the tragic event, a new mental health consultation unit has been set up to support individuals experiencing emotional distress. Read more HERE.

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