Forked-up flight: Aussie passenger’s shocking Bangkok to Moscow attack with a twist (video)

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A man described as ‘Australian’ found himself in a harrowing situation when he allegedly attacked a fellow passenger on a flight from Bangkok to Moscow. Alexey Fursov reportedly stabbed the passenger with a fork, causing injuries to the victim’s chest, shoulder, and back during what has been described as a frenzied attack.

Dramatic footage from the flight shows the 35 year old Fursov being subdued and detained by authorities shortly after the incident in which he stabbed a fellow passenger with a fork.

In the video, Fursov can be heard pleading for his restraints to be removed, claiming he was confused due to having been “away for four years.” Flight attendants and passengers directed him to move to the back of the plane as Fursov moaned in discomfort.

He was eventually seated at the rear of the aircraft, where he attempted to justify his actions by explaining that he believed the alleged victim “was gonna bite [him].”

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Fursov seemed to downplay the alleged attack.

“I got my fork ready, then he twitched again, I just stood him up, and then I decided to poke him.”

In response, an incredulous witness sarcastically asked, ‘Like a balloon bursting?’ Fursov was later apprehended and taken away in handcuffs by a Moscow police officer, wearing a dazed expression.

The fork incident on the plane was undoubtedly shocking and left passengers and authorities stunned by its abrupt and violent nature.

In related news, a mid-air drama played out on a BangkokFrankfurt Thai Airways flight, where a brawling passenger onboard resulted in German police intervention upon landing. The swift and professional handling of the situation by the airline staff received applause from passengers.

One of the flight passengers, Kitiphong Santiwatr, relived the tense flight experience on the Facebook group Travel to Europe by Yourself. He shed light on how a disruptive passenger, described as a large man, caused a stir on board flight TG920 on July 18. Read more about this story HERE.

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