Cosmic con: Fortune teller tricks Thai woman into sex and 14 million baht loss

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A Thai woman issued a warning to others after a fortune teller tricked her into paying more than 14 million baht for rituals and lured her into having sex with him.

The 30 year old victim, named only as A, shared her story with the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive to warn other women and process a lawsuit against the fortune teller. Saimai Survive founder Ekkaphop Lueangprasert accompanied her to the Ministry of Interior yesterday, November 26, to file a complaint.

After filing the complaint, A told the media that she met the fortune teller through an advertisement on social media in 2021 and tried to use his fortune telling service over the phone.

A said she paid 300 baht for the service and found that the fortune teller gave her an accurate prediction, so she continued to use his service. At the beginning of 2022, the fortune teller told A that she had met an evil spirit because her face looked dark and sad.

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The fortune teller then asked her to go to his house in the central province of Kanchanaburi for a ceremony to ward off evil spirits. She was taken to his bedroom on the second floor of the house. The fortune teller told her to put on pyjamas and sit on his lap to perform the rituals.

The fortune teller hugged her, touched her and kissed her. She was shocked but believed it was part of the ritual, so she let him do so. A month later she went to the house to do the ritual again and the fortune teller did the same to her.

Over 100 women victims

In March this year, the fortune teller claimed that A’s husband was cheating on her and had affairs with many women. A believed him because her husband seemed to have lost interest in her. The fortune teller then asked her to perform a ritual to improve her charisma and bring her husband back to her from his mistress.

A said that the fortune teller ordered her to have sex with him and she decided to comply to get her husband back. After the sex, the fortune teller continued to persuade her to block all her husband’s contact channels until they divorced.

The fortune teller urged her to have a romantic relationship with him to increase her charisma and bring her husband back, and she followed his instructions.

A said she paid over 10,000 baht each time she visited the fortune teller. In total, she lost over 14 million baht from 2021 to the present.

A said she later found out that more than 100 Thai women fell victim to the fortune teller and decided to file a complaint with Saimai Survive to stop him from tricking others.

Ekkaphop said the case is still under investigation. He urged other victims to collect any evidence, such as money transfer receipts, and give it to him or police officers.

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