Container catastrophe near Bangkok airport claims Thai woman’s life

Photo via Facebook/ ตู้ด่วน เมืองชล.

Tragedy struck over the weekend, as a Thai woman lost her life in a fatal accident near Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Samut Prakarn province, just outside Bangkok. The incident occurred on Motorway No. 9 when a container dislodged from a truck, striking the taxi in which the woman and another man were passengers.

Security cameras positioned along the motorway captured the harrowing sequence of events on Saturday, September 30. It revealed that a truck, transporting a container, had veered out of control, heading perilously towards a traffic bunker situated in the middle of the road.

In a desperate attempt to avoid colliding with the bunker, the truck driver swerved abruptly, causing the container to lose its balance and ultimately tumble onto the opposite side of the road. Tragically, this turn of events led to the fatal accident that claimed the life of the Thai woman.

Regrettably, the taxi had no opportunity to evade the plummeting container and collided with it. The taxi driver was seriously injured and trapped in the wreckage. A 45 year old Thai man suffered a head injury while a 40 year old Thai woman fell from the car and died at the scene.

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The niece of the deceased shared that her aunt had just returned to Thailand from abroad. The aunt was on her way home when the accident happened. She noted that the container was supposed to be securely fastened to the truck, yet it had come loose, resulting in this fatal accident.

The police and hospital subjected the truck driver to tests for alcohol and drug consumption. However, as of now, the results of these tests have not been disclosed to the public.

This tragic event bears an unsettling resemblance to a similar occurrence earlier this year in May, when another container dislodged from a truck, fell over a sedan, and killed a female sedan driver.

The truck driver claimed that another car had hit him, so he stopped suddenly and lost control of the truck. His truck then overturned, causing the container to fall on top of the sedan.

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