Truck flips in Chon Buri, crushes car and kills young woman

Photo by Khaosod.

A young woman was tragically killed in a Chon Buri motorway accident involving an 18-wheeler truck carrying a container and multiple cars. Police are investigating the causes of the accident and will examine CCTV footage for further information.

The 18-wheeler Isuzu truck carrying a container reportedly flipped over and crushed a Honda Civic. The driver of the Civic, a 34 year old woman from the northeast Sisaket province, suffered fatal injuries in the crash. Another vehicle, a Toyota Vios, also sustained significant damage in the accident.

The 29 year old female driver of the damaged Toyota Vios, whose identity was withheld, claimed she was unsure how the truck flipped over or how the collision occurred, but her vehicle was struck and seriously damaged.

The 30 year old truck driver, whose name was also withheld, stated he was driving in the left lane while the Civic was on the right. According to him, it seemed as though the Civic driver had passed a rest area and was attempting to drive back into the resting area when she cut in front of his truck, causing him to brake suddenly. Due to the rain, the road was slippery, his brakes locked up, and he lost control of the truck. As a result, the container flipped over and landed on the Civic, resulting in the fatal accident.

Police officers will examine CCTV footage and interview witnesses as part of their investigation into the circumstances of the accident. The motorway’s CCTV cameras captured the aftermath of the incident, showing the severe traffic congestion that spanned several kilometres due to the overturned truck and crushed car blocking three lanes.

The ThaiRSC reported in January that as many as 939,713 road accidents were reported in Thailand last year, up 4.7% from 2021. Road accidents killed 14,737 people, and injured 924,799 last year, ThaiRSC said. The committee reported that 536 deaths and 7,885 injuries were among foreigners.

Following the Songkran holiday this year, during the ‘seven deadly days‘ from April 11 to 17, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) revealed that there were 2,203 road accidents, 2,208 injuries, and 264 deaths during this period.

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