Coach bus driver praised after giving free rides from central Thailand to Isaan

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Thai netizens hailed a bus driver for offering free rides to anyone wishing to spend the festive season with their families in the Isaan province of Sa Kaeo. The free trip was from Samut Prakarn province in central Thailand which was nearly 200 kilometres long.

The Facebook page Spotlight Bangpoo (สปอร์ตไลท์บางปู) announced the free rides from Samut Prakarn to Sa Kaeo on Monday, December 26. The page said there would be 50 seats available and the bus would depart on December 26 at 8pm. The page included the Facebook account of the coach bus driver, Paiwan Auttano, and his phone number.

The post gained a lot of attention from the netizens, getting nearly 6,500 reactions, 500 comments, and 1,000 shares. Some of them showed interest in joining the trip, while others were impressed by the generosity of the coach bus driver.

The page then posted an interview with Paiwan from yesterday, December 27.

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The 50 year old bus driver is the owner of a local bus company called Paiwan Tour.

Paiwan informed the page that he always offers free rides like this because he knows that it is difficult to book a ticket during the holiday season and that bus tickets are more expensive during the festive period too.

Paiwan told Spotlight Bangpoo that he was hired to take about 50 passengers from Sa Kaeo to Samut Prakarn on Christmas Day. He realized he would be returning to Sa Kaeo with an empty bus so decided to invite passengers to join him for free.

Three passengers accepted the free rides and reported they were very happy with the offer. They added that they would have to take several buses to get home so it was great to have a direct bus.

Netizens praised the bus driver for his kindness. People said…

“It is rare to see this in this bad economic situation. I hope to see more of these heartwarming stories and hope everyone can get back home this new year.”

“Hope you and your family get happiness in return for doing a good thing like this”

“You are so kind! Wish you a successful business!”

Sa Kaeo is nearly 200 kilometres from Samut Prakarn. The trip usually takes about three hours of driving and can cost at least 450 baht for a coach trip.

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