CIB raids mall, seizes alleged uncertified art toys prompting debate

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Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers conducted a recent raid at a well-known shopping mall in the Bang Yai district. They confiscated a significant quantity of art toys being sold at an event due to the absence of necessary Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) certification. This action ignited a wave of online criticism and debate.

The event, which was held inside the well-known mall, featured numerous vendors selling art toys, a type of collectable designer toy. During the inspection, CIB officers determined that many of these items did not bear the required TIS mark, which is mandatory for toys sold within Thailand.

The lack of certification led to the immediate confiscation of the non-compliant products.

An eyewitness at the scene reported a conversation in which one of the officers explained that while figures with the TIS mark were not seized, those without it were.

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This raised questions among the vendors and attendees, particularly regarding the criteria used to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit goods. Furthermore, the incident prompted questions about the responsibility of the mall management to safeguard vendors from such situations.

There is a growing concern among both sellers and buyers about the implications of selling imported goods that may not have the TIS mark. Some of the products in question were reportedly purchased from official Pop Mart stores and then resold, leading to confusion over the applicability of Thai product standards to imported items.

The Industrial Product Standards Office has clarified that toys are subject to mandatory standard TIS 685 Volume 1-2019, which specifically addresses safety requirements.

This standard, effective as of September 21, 2022, stipulates that every toy or toy packaging imported and sold in Thailand must clearly display certain details in Thai, including numbers, letters, or symbols, to ensure consumer safety, reported Khaosod.

The recent crackdown has highlighted the challenges faced by local businesses in navigating the somewhat unclear product certification regulations.

The incident not only disrupted the event and the businesses of the vendors but also drew significant attention to the absence of mall management in supporting tenants to meet regulatory requirements.

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