Fatal collision on dark road kills two, locals demand better lighting

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A fatal collision yesterday claimed the lives of two individuals after a car ploughed into the rear of a motorbike on a poorly lit stretch of road in Chon Buri province. The fatal collision occurred yesterday, prompting residents to call for immediate action to improve lighting and safety on the road.

In the darkness of an unlit road in Chon Buri province, a catastrophic accident unfolded when a black Toyota sedan crashed into the back of a motorbike with such force that the two-wheeled vehicle was propelled into a parked six-wheel truck. The collision resulted in the tragic death of two individuals, a stark reminder of the perils lurking on inadequately illuminated roads.

The incident was reported to Thanit at Pakdee, Deputy Investigator of Sattahip Police Station, who immediately rushed to the scene alongside rescue workers from the Sawang Rojanathammasathan Foundation in Sattahip. Upon arrival, authorities encountered a scene of devastation. The front of the Toyota was completely wrecked, and the driver, identified as Arthit, stood by, ready to provide an account of the events to the police.

A short distance away, a damaged Hino truck was discovered, its wheels visibly compromised. Nearby, the remains of a Honda Wave motorbike, red and grey, lay in ruins, split in two. Among the wreckage, two individuals—a woman and a man—were found deceased, their identities rendered unrecognisable. However, identification cards were recovered, revealing the names 58 year old Nopkoon and 43 year old Anukool, reported KhaoSod.

Investigations revealed that the driver of the Toyota was navigating the road when he violently collided with the motorbike, which he had failed to see due to the complete darkness. The absence of lighting was compounded by ongoing construction work for a water pipeline along the left side of the road, which lacked any warning signs or illuminated indicators. This left the driver unable to swerve in time, leading to the rear-end collision and the subsequent tragic outcome.

The area where the accident occurred is notorious among locals, who have long been pleading with relevant authorities to address the severe lack of lighting and the dangers posed by the ongoing construction. The curve in the road, shrouded in darkness, has been the site of numerous accidents, resulting in both fatalities and injuries in the past. Despite this, no significant measures have been taken to rectify the situation, leading to yet another preventable loss of life.

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