Chon Buri: Teenage schoolgirl rescued from gutter after getting her foot stuck

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A teenage schoolgirl stepped onto a gutter, causing its cover to give way beneath her, and got her leg stuck as a result in Sri Racha district, Chon Buri on Thursday, February 1.

The incident unfolded in front of the J J Steak shop, leading to a rapid response from the Sawang Prateep Sri Racha Rescue Unit.

The distressed 15 year old schoolgirl, with her leg trapped in the broken gutter cover, was unable to free herself. Her father, attempting to console her, anxiously stood by. The rescue team used cutting equipment to free the girl within a remarkable five minutes.

Despite her frightening fall, the teenage schoolgirl only suffered minor abrasions and lacerations on her right leg due to the friction with the cover. Recounting the ordeal, she revealed the cover crumbled beneath her weight, causing intense pain and prompting her to scream for assistance. Nearby residents swiftly summoned rescue workers and her father to the scene, reported Pattaya News.

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Following the successful extraction, the rescue team administered initial first aid before transporting the student to a nearby hospital for a thorough assessment and treatment. The teenage girl, whose identity remains confidential due to her age, expressed appreciation for the emergency responders’ prompt intervention.

In related news, a bank car operator found himself trapped inside his vehicle during a routine cash delivery at a Shell petrol station in Khlong Rang, Si Maha Phot, Prachinburi on December 8 last year. The Rabao Phai police and rescue teams were alerted to the incident at approximately 1.30pm. Armed with specialist equipment, they hurried to the scene due to the diminishing oxygen levels inside the trapped vehicle.

In other news, a teenager had his motorcycle stolen after parking it outside a condo in Pattaya for a mere 10 minutes on January 27. The 16 year old victim reported the theft to Pattaya police at 5.30pm. The black Honda PCX, purchased by the victim’s mother for his daily commute and delivery gigs, was snatched from its spot outside the apartment.

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