Chinese man fatally struck by pickup while crossing road in Rayong

Photo via Facebook/ ZOOM Rayong ซูมระยอง

A Thai pickup driver hit and killed a Chinese man while the victim was crossing 3191 Road in the eastern province of Rayong.

Pluak Daeng Police Station officers were alerted to the car accident on Road 3191 near Puang Malai Intersection in the Pluak Daeng district of Rayong at about 8.30pm on Monday, July 1. Officers passed the notification to the rescue team and investigated the scene together.

Police and rescuers discovered the Chinese man, aged between 40 and 50 years old, lying unconscious on the road. Rescuers provided CPR to the Chinese victim and later rushed him to Pluak Daeng Hospital. Unfortunately, the foreigner succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

A 33 year old witness, Opas, revealed to police that he was looking for his brother when the accident occurred right in front of him. He saw the body of the Chinese man bounce into the air before dropping onto the road when struck by the pickup.

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Opas said he was stunned by the incident.

The pickup driver, aged about 40, waited for the police at the scene. The charges against the driver have not been made public.

Channel 7 reported that the deceased Chinese man was seen in CCTV footage crossing the road and almost reached the other side. Suddenly, the pickup, which was travelling at high speed, crashed directly into the man.

A similar incident happened in March on Bangba Garden Road in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok. A 67 year old Chinese man was killed in a car accident a day after he arrived in Thailand for a holiday. A pickup crashed into him while he was crossing the road to a convenience store.

The pickup driver immediately fled the scene. ThaiRath reported that the car looked similar to the vehicle of a government department. Police faced challenges in tracking the car as it used a fake registration plate.

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