Chinese couple remains at large after public sex show in Thailand

Photo via Facebook/ เชียงมั๊ย เชียงใหม่

Police are searching for a Chinese couple after they were caught having sex in public in a university car park in the city centre of the northern province of Chiang Mai.

Photos of the naked Chinese couple were shared in a local Facebook group in Chiang Mai yesterday, July 7. The photos showed two Thai police officers intervening in the foreign couple’s sexual activity. Officers reportedly asked them to put on their clothes and then took them to the hospital on Thursday, July 4.

A female vendor selling food near the scene gave an interview to Channel 7 about the incident, stating that it took place at about 5pm. The couple ordered food from her restaurant and ate together under a tree in the car park.

The vendor said she did not know what had happened but the Chinese woman began to take off the man’s clothes, leaving only his shorts. Then, she asked the Chinese man to lie on the ground before climbing on top of him. People and motorists were shocked by their actions and called the police to the scene.

The Investigative Inspector of the Tourist Police Sub-Division 2, Police Lieutenant Colonel Awirut Sookyam, told the media that the Chinese couple confessed to using cannabis before drinking beer together. Police suspected that the combination of alcohol and ganja affected them.

According to Awirut, the two were admitted to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. They have since left the hospital but have not yet returned to their home country. Officers are searching for the couple for further legal proceedings regarding their explicit acts.

The university boarding management team did not take any legal action against the Chinese couple but police officers are determined to legally punish them for public obscenity.

In a similar incident, a Thai homeless couple was arrested for public sex in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen in May. The homeless man admitted to the act and emphasised that being homeless, he had no choice but to have sex in public.

Another foreign couple was charged with engaging in sexual activity in the sea at Patong Beach in Phuket in April. No legal charges were issued against them or other foreign couples involved in previous incidents in Phuket.

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