Couple caught having sex in sea at Patong Beach in Phuket

Photo via Facebook/ Phuket Times ภูเก็ตไทม์

A video and pictures showing a horny foreign couple having sex in the sea at Patong Beach in Phuket quickly went viral, sparking criticism and hilarious comments across Thai social media platforms.

The Phuket Times shared footage and images of the incident yesterday, April 16. The couple’s identities and nationalities have not yet been confirmed. Thai netizens pointed out that the man seemed to be foreign due to his lighter hair colour.

The news agency reported that the incident happened yesterday afternoon and condemned the couple for their disregard for public decency.

The page stated that the two had sex in public in broad daylight without any concern for local laws or cultural norms. The page also called for authorities to take action, citing similar incidents in Phuket in the past.

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In February, a Thai resident witnessed a foreign couple engaging in sexual activity on Patong Beach. Additionally, another couple reportedly engaged in a similar activity by a hotel window at a similar time.

Another similar story was reported outside Terminal 21 shopping mall in Pattaya in March. In this case, a foreign couple was seen in a video having sex at the entrance of the mall when it closed.

Reactions from Thai netizens varied, with some finding the couple’s behaviour unacceptable, while others deemed it ridiculous.

“Salty sea water doesn’t hurt them?”

“Maybe they choke on the seawater?”

“They just do the massage.”

“Is there a law against it?”

“This is Phuket. It’s normal!”

“The news page is now an adult page. 18+ rate must be added”

“Come to Phuket if you want to be famous.”

“I think you are just jealous.”

“What can the Thai authorities do about it? When will you start working? Are you hired to sit in an office?”

Despite previous incidents, there have been no reports of legal charges against couples engaging in public sex. However, according to section 388 of the Criminal Law, such actions could result in fines of up to 5,000 baht.

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