Thai student races ahead: Wins design comp for Red Bull F1 car

Picture of Chonlath Suwannik courtesy of Sanook

A Thai student has gained international recognition by winning a design competition for the Red Bull Racing Formula One car to be used in the British Grand Prix.

The Public Relations Department Region 3 in Chiang Mai posted on Facebook celebrating the achievement of Chonlath Suwannik, a 16 year old student from The Prince Royal’s College in Chiang Mai. Chonlath, a Year 11 student, designed a special livery called “Stallion Red,” which will be featured on the Red Bull Racing car at the British Grand Prix in England.

Chonlath shared that his inspiration came from the Flow-Vis paint used to test aerodynamics.

“I used red in the car’s design to represent the spirit and strength embodied in the Red Bull logo. The Flow-Vis paint inspired me because of its application in aerodynamic testing.”

On July 3, the @redbulletin account on platform X unveiled the special livery that will be used in the British Grand Prix as part of the REBL CUSTMS project for 2024.

The young designer’s achievement has been widely celebrated, with many praising his creativity and talent. The design competition is part of Red Bull Racing’s initiative to engage with young talents and allow them to showcase their skills on a global platform.

Winning such a prestigious competition at a young age is a significant milestone for Chonlath and highlights the potential of young Thai talents in the global arena.

Thai student races ahead: Wins design comp for Red Bull F1 car | News by Thaiger
Picture of Chonlath Suwannik’s design courtesy of Sanook

The Flow-Vis paint, which inspired Chonlath’s design, is commonly used in F1 to visualize airflow over various parts of the car. This paint allows engineers to analyze how air moves over the vehicle, helping them optimize the car’s aerodynamic performance.

By incorporating this element into his design, Chonlath has demonstrated a deep understanding of the technical aspects of F1 racing, which undoubtedly contributed to his success in the competition.

“The Flow-Vis paint’s role in aerodynamic testing fascinated me, and I wanted to incorporate that element into my design to highlight the technical precision of the Red Bull Racing team.”

This win not only brings pride to Chonlath and his school but also brings attention to the potential and creativity of Thai students on the international stage. It serves as an inspiration for other young designers and students who aspire to make their mark in fields traditionally dominated by professionals with more experience.

Red Bull Racing’s REBL CUSTMS project aims to foster innovation and creativity among the younger generation, and Chonlath’s success is a testament to the project’s impact. By providing a platform for young designers to present their work, the initiative helps bridge the gap between aspiring artists and the professional world.

As the British Grand Prix approaches, anticipation builds to see Chonlath’s design in action on the race track. This collaboration between a young Thai student and a world-renowned F1 team is a remarkable story of talent, creativity, and opportunity, showcasing how the world of motorsport can inspire and elevate young minds globally.

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