Childcare centre director arrested for sexually abusing 3 year old girl

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A Thai mother sought justice for her three year old daughter, who was sexually abused by the director of the Nong Yai Child Development Centre in the northeastern province of Buriram. The director asked for the case to be dropped for fear of losing his pension.

The girl’s mother, identified as A, told Channel 3 that she had been approached by several governmental departments urging her to drop the case against the suspect, 59 year old Somporn “Noi” Yongram. They implored her to withdraw the charges against Noi and to have some sympathy because Noi is due to retire next year and would lose his pension if he is charged.

Worried that the authorities would help Noi escape punishment, A sought help from the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation and exposed Noi’s behaviour to the public through an interview with Channel 3.

According to the Channel 3 report, A picked up her daughter from the centre in the afternoon of September 13. When they got home, the girl asked her mother to check her genital area. The girl then started to cry and said that she felt sore.

A found that the girl’s vagina was bruised, so she questioned the girl about the situation at the centre. The girl revealed that Noi had inserted his finger into her vagina in the bathroom at the centre. A then took her daughter to the hospital for a further health check.

The doctor’s report indicated the absence of semen. However, the girl had to be hospitalised because she was unable to urinate.

A said that she filed a complaint against Noi at Chum Saeng Police Station and revealed that several governmental departments tried to persuade her to drop the complaint.

According to A, a former director of the centre met her at the police station yesterday, September 18, and urged her to consider only seeking compensation while dropping the legal proceedings.

The former director asked her to feel sorry for Noi because he was 59 years old and about to retire. The former director said that filing a case against Noi would kill him because he would not receive a pension to use in his retirement.

According to Channel 3, police officers have charged Noi for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13. Noi could face between one and 10 years in prison, a fine of between 10,000 and 200,000 baht, or both, under Section 277 of the Criminal Law

Channel 3 added that Noi is currently in hospital due to the stress of the case.

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