Lampang girl, 9, sexually assaulted by teacher: Harrowing incident sparks outrage

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A nine year old girl in Lampang province was reportedly sexually assaulted in a school restroom by a 28 year old male teacher from another institution. The sexual assault was brought to the attention of the police yesterday by the victim’s mother, a 28 year old Lampang resident.

The mother became suspicious after noticing her daughter had started menstruating, an abnormal occurrence for her age. On probing, the young girl broke down and confessed to the traumatic sexual assault that had taken place in the school restroom. She revealed that the male teacher had followed her into the restroom and sexually assaulted her, further threatening her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone, reported Sanook.

The sexual assault incident supposedly occurred on August 25 when the teacher, who was visiting for a meeting and training session, followed the girl into the restroom, locked the door and assaulted her. The girl returned home but did not report the incident out of fear. Several days passed before the parent noticed her uncharacteristic behaviour and physical discomfort, leading to the heartbreaking revelation.

Following the confession, the mother immediately reported the case to the local police in Sob Prab district. The young victim was also taken to the hospital for a physical examination, which confirmed the sexual assault. The police have since been alerted and are expected to summon the teacher in question for questioning, in order to proceed with legal action.

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