Child injured by firework debris during Ayutthaya’s Loy Krathong Festival

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A four year old boy suffered a head injury during a Loy Krathong Festival in Ayutthaya when debris from a firework struck his head. His mother is demanding accountability as she recounted the terrifying moment at 8.30pm when her son cried out in pain from the unexpected injury.

The incident occurred at Wat Boromwong Isararam’s riverfront in the Suan Phrik district of Ayutthaya. The area was bustling with activities, including a children’s pageant, and the stage area was filled with tables and chairs. On the concrete floor, a bloody rag used by first aid responders to treat the injured boy was spotted. Following this, the boy was promptly transported to Ayutthaya Hospital.

Witnesses at the event stated that while the children’s pageant was ongoing, many people were also lighting fireworks. Fireworks were set off near the event venue and exploded in the sky. However, remnants of the fireworks fell onto the stage where the pageant was being held, and unfortunately, it hit the head of the four year old boy who was sitting in front of the stage with his mother.

Upon visiting Ayutthaya Hospital, reporters met with the 40 year old mother, Sorasa Sridee, who was seen holding her four year old son who was injured by the firework debris. She revealed that there was a large wound in the middle of her son’s scalp. Sorasa had taken her son to the festival to enjoy the children’s pageant and other performances, unaware of the potential danger from the nearby fireworks, reported Khao Sod.

“As soon as the firework exploded in the sky, we heard a loud noise and something hit the ground. It was only when my son cried out in pain that I realised he was injured, with blood flowing from his head. Luckily, there were emergency responders at the event who came to our aid immediately.”

Feeling heartbroken and scared, she expressed her frustration.

“I brought my son to the festival for him to enjoy, not to get hurt. If it had been me, I could bear the pain, but seeing my child hurt and in pain is unbearable. I don’t know who set off the firework, but someone must take responsibility for this.”

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