Chaiyaphum province mobilises aid for Thai labourers in Israel amid escalating conflict

Photo: KhaoSod.

As the conflict in Israel escalates, Thai labourers in the region are facing increased worries about their safety. Despite this, many are determined to remain and continue working.

The most recent violence between Israel and the alleged Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas has resulted in several thousand rockets being fired into Israel, leading to numerous fatalities. Among the dead are 12 Thai workers, as previously reported.

Sombat Traisakdi, Deputy Governor of Chaiyaphum province, today revealed that in response to the crisis, the province has mobilised efforts to assist the local workers in Israel.

There are 772 Thai labourers from Chaiyaphum currently working legally in Israel, made up of 742 men and 30 women, and an unspecified number working illegally. The provincial authorities are hastening their efforts to identify the exact number of workers from each district who are currently in Israel, to extend necessary aid.

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The Deputy Governor further stated that the highest number of workers from Chaiyaphum are from Ban Thaen district with 144 people, followed by Phu Khiao with 133, Kaeng Khro with 110, Mueang district with 110, and Nong Bua Daeng with 68. The rest are spread out across other districts. Journalists on the ground were able to interview relatives of Thai labourers in Israel.

Some families have been able to maintain contact with their loved ones, while others have unfortunately lost communication.

Escalating Conflict

In the event of a protracted conflict, the Thai government is prepared to assist all Thai labourers in Israel wishing to return home.

The Thai embassy in Israel can be reached at the following number: 972-544693476. For those unable to make contact with their relatives, the Chaiyaphum Employment Office can be reached at 044-813-508 or via mobile at 080-732-3993. Both legal and illegal workers who wish to return home can report their intentions immediately.

The report further revealed that in Phu Khiao district, as many as 133 Thai labourers have gone to work in Israel. In the Olo sub-district alone, there are 13 such workers. In various villages, relatives of Thai workers have been gathering, sharing updates, and expressing their worries about their family members working in Israel.

Many are unable to eat or sleep due to their concern. Some have been unable to reach their relatives, and fear for their safety. They are urgently seeking assistance from the authorities to help contact their loved ones.

Parents of Thai labourers in Israel are particularly concerned for their children’s safety and are trying to keep in touch constantly. However, they are urging the government to expedite the search and monitoring of Thai workers from Chaiyaphum due to their overwhelming concern.

One mother, Sai Rung Meevuti, from Olo sub-district, Phu Khiao, Chaiyaphum province, was able to video call her son, Worachet Meevuti, to check on his safety. Worachet, like many other Thai workers in Israel, is resolute in facing the situation.

His primary concern is to earn money to send back home. While he is uncertain about the future, he is willing to take the risk reported KhaoSod.

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