Drivers return nearly 100,000 baht found on road to owner

Photo by Sutasinee Buachaban

Dozens of benevolent car drivers and their passengers helped a woman gather 100,000 baht that blew away after it was left on the roadside by an absent-minded employee in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen.

A Thai TikTok user, Sutasinee Buachaban, posted a video of drivers parking their cars and gathering 1,000 baht banknotes that were scattered on the road. Sutasinee said in the caption…

“Thank you to all the good people. I contacted the police and they have returned the money to the owner.” Watch the video here.

According to Khaosod, the incident happened on a road from Nam Pong district to the Ubonrat district in Khon Kaen. Dozens of 1,000-baht bills were dispersed all over the road. One would expect a finders-keepers attitude but not so in this instance. Several drivers, passengers, and locals living nearby collected the lost cash and contacted the police.

Sutasinee reported that a truck driver placed the money on the step of his vehicle’s door. Absent-mindedly, he then forgot about the money and drove off causing the 1,000 bills to scatter all over the road.

The driver’s boss, a woman named Supornthip Pakdee, later revealed that she withdrew 100,000 baht from the bank and gave it to her employee to buy some cassava root vegetables.

Supornthip revealed she got most of the money back. The kind drivers and passengers managed to retrieve 92,000 baht, only 8,000 baht was lost.

Supornthip said she did not blame her employee. She said he was very remorseful about the incident and regretted the mistake.

One man commented under Sutasinee’s video saying he witnessed a similar situation in Bangkok, with a large amount of cash scattered all over a road in the capital. But the person who lost the money wasn’t so lucky in this instance as motorcycle taxi riders and taxi drivers gathered the money and dashed off.

Many netizens praised everyone in the video for being honest and helpful.

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