Bangkok bus bust-up: Dismissed driver’s fare share of woes

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A bus driver has been dismissed following an incident in which a young man claimed he was verbally abused and forced off the bus. The driver, who said he was afraid of dismissal, confirmed he had been let go by the company.

The incident occurred on Route 1013, between Hua Takhe and Seacon Square, and was posted on the popular page Silk Must Survive. The driver ordered the young man to sit and yelled at him.

“If you don’t sit down, if you don’t listen to me, get off.”

The young man was unable to sit due to his bag and a lack of available seats. The driver then went to record the day’s events at Lat Krabang Police Station. The company has since dismissed him.

The dismissal of the bus driver who was involved in a viral story on the Silk Must Survive page took place at noon today. The incident happened at the bus company located on Luang Phaeng Road, Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok, which operates public transport for Route 1013.

The office staff of the company disclosed that there have been frequent complaints about the driver, Yothin, being loud-mouthed without any evidence of wrongdoing. He also defended himself well.

Customer care

The company had previously suspended Yothin and given him time off two to three times, instructing him to improve his behaviour as driving is a service job that requires customer care. However, with the clear evidence from the latest video clip, the company decided to let him go immediately.

Yothin had been working for the company for nearly ten years without any previous record of reckless driving or any other incidents.

Journalists later met Yothin, who took them on a bus ride to explain the incident. He said that when he picked up the young man, the bus was full. He asked the man to move and sit on the driver’s side seat as the young man was sitting near the only entrance, potentially blocking other passengers. However, the man stood up holding a small bag, standing in front of the door, reported KhaoSod.

Yothin continued that he warned the man again, but he didn’t listen and gave him a dissatisfied look. Yothin warned him again as standing in front of the bus door could be dangerous and lead to falling off the bus, for which he would be held responsible. This had happened in the past when warnings were not heeded.

The incident then escalated into the situation captured in the video, leading to Yothin’s dismissal by the company. He is now waiting for his last pay cheque and plans to meet with the young man involved in the incident at their lodging this evening.

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