Love spell dilemma: Beware of deceptive sorcerer, warns Thai temple Abbot

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A cautionary warning has been issued for women seeking mystical solutions to mend their love lives, as they could end up being victims of deception. This caution came in response to a recent case where a woman was duped by a notorious deceptive sorcerer into spending the night with him under the pretence of lifting a dark magic spell from her.

The incident took place yesterday at around 7.30pm when the woman approached the deceptive sorcerer, known for his manipulative tactics. The reporter pursued the case at Wat Suan Kaew Temple in Bang Len, Bang Yai, Nonthaburi, and discussed the matter with Phraya Yom, the temple’s Abbot.

Phraya Yom stated that this deceptive practice was not new for the sorcerer, who had previously committed similar acts. He recounted an incident where a man’s wife hired the sorcerer to cast a spell to bring her husband back, only to end up being married to the sorcerer herself. He expressed his disbelief at how the sorcerer had managed to evade the law despite having numerous cases against him.

The Abbot further warned women against falling for such fraudulent practices as they risk their safety and dignity. He emphasised that those who believe in sorcerers like the one involved in this case could easily become victims. The Abbot advised them not to be gullible and to always have someone accompany them, as going alone could be dangerous, reported Sanook.

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“This is a common practice for the sorcerer, he has done this repeatedly and frequently, with numerous cases pending. I am baffled as to how he managed to get out.”

In related news, a Thai woman accused a famous sorcerer of tricking her into having intercourse with him, claiming that sex was part of a process to expel evil spirits from her soul.

The 26 year old woman approached the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive and urged them to file a lawsuit against a 63 year old sorcerer named Harn Raksajit, also known as Novice Air, for repeatedly raping her.

She said the sexual assault started when she sought help on evil eviction from him. Read more about this story HERE.

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