Stairway to suspicion: Police investigate mysterious death of toddler in Buriram

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Police are currently investigating the mysterious death of a one year old boy in Thailand’s Buriram province, following his mother’s claim that he tragically tumbled down the stairs and died. However, police are sceptical of the mother’s explanation as the staircase at the scene had a mere three steps and was surrounded by soft earth, which would have cushioned the fall. Moreover, the boy’s chest exhibited numerous bruises, casting doubt on the veracity of the mother’s account.

Adding to the suspicion of the boy’s mysterious death, the parents had recently departed from a drug rehabilitation facility, raising questions about the true cause of the child’s untimely demise in the Khok Mamuang sub-district of Pakham district.

A reporter visited the modest wooden house, elevated approximately one metre above the ground, with a staircase consisting of only three steps. The house appeared abandoned, with adult clothing, toys, and a bottle of alcohol found on the premises. Additionally, there were signs of prepared food, a box of milk, and an incense stick, suggesting a ritual to honour the departed child’s spirit. However, there were no indications of any current occupants, according to Khaosod’s report.

According to Acharee, a 30 year old friend of the boy’s aunt who had come to care for him, the child had been unwell and had consumed an unknown medication prior to his demise. Upon arrival, Acharee noticed the boy’s mother wandering around, seemingly observing her lifeless child, whose lips had turned green, lying motionless on a bed. This further deepened Acharee’s doubts about the cause of the mysterious death being a mere fall down a three-step staircase.

The grandmother of the deceased child, 54 year old Nulek, recounted learning about her grandson’s passing through a phone call from her eldest daughter. She mentioned having limited knowledge about the boy’s stepfather, who had a history of drug abuse and had resided with the family for approximately six months.

Police have stated that they will await the results of the autopsy to determine the exact cause of this enigmatic death. The ongoing investigation expects relatives to file a report and awaits the findings of the medical examination in order to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic loss.

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