Buri Ram pig stable converted into gambling den: 22 arrests follow

PHOTO: Police Talks

Recently, the northeastern Thai province Buri Ram had a gambling den busted. It reportedly used to be a pig stable, but forward thinking/criminal-minded residents had renovated it to allegedly serve as a gambling den. Police arrested 22 people.

53 year old “Chakrabongse” and 21 associates were arrested. Reportedly, they were sitting close together and no one was wearing a mask. The 22 suspected gamblers were charged with violating the Covid prevention act and illegal gambling.

The police say the pig stable had gone through a complete transformation, including having air conditioning installed. The room was painted a warm blue, but it was not reported if the gambling den still had a lingering eau de pig faeces to it. The alleged gambling operation was located behind a house in the Lamduan subdistrict.

According to the police, under interrogation, all 22 suspects confessed to gambling for the last 2 to 3 days. Chakrabongse, who was reportedly the main dealer, had invited his neighbourhood pals to gamble in the pig stable gambling den.

Wiwat Jitsophakul, from the police, says his team searched the premises and seized 800 baht in cash, 9 dice, 2 sets of sauces with covers, 3 plastic scoreboards, and assorted gambling paraphernalia.

Earlier this month, police arrested 18 people for allegedly operating several gambling sites online. However, the house was formerly just untouched earth rather than a home for livestock.

SOURCE: Police Talks

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