Buddhist monks rescue temple dog attacked with sharpened nail

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A Buddhist abbot shared distressing images of a temple dog that was cruelly attacked with a sharpened nail. The dog, found in a state of fear and exhaustion, received immediate help from the monks.

A Facebook post by Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit, Deputy District Dean of Mueang Kamphaeng Phet and abbot of Wat Pradoo Lai in Kamphaeng Phet, yesterday, July 2, revealed the incident. The post included photos of the dog with a nail embedded in its back. According to the abbot, the dog ran to him for help, clearly terrified and in pain.

In his post, Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit expressed his dismay.

“I don’t know which heartless person used a weapon, with a concrete nail as ammunition, to shoot this dog. Whatever karma you create, you will undoubtedly face its consequences, sooner or later.”

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A video clip accompanying the post shows Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit and other monks attempting to save the dog by removing the nail with their hands. The nail, which had been filed to a sharp point, was embedded deeply in the dog’s back, indicating a deliberate intention to inflict harm.

“Whoever commits a deed, let them face the karma.”

Reporters visited Wat Pradoo Lai to speak with Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit and check on the dog’s condition. Named Dang, the male dog had been cared for by the monks at the temple for several years after being abandoned there. Despite searching the temple grounds thoroughly, Dang could not be found, leading the monks to believe he might be hiding due to his injuries.

Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit recounted the events, explaining that the previous evening, while he was teaching and conducting examinations for the novice monks, Dang suddenly ran into the temple. The dog approached the novices and then the abbot, revealing the nail embedded in his back. Acting quickly, the monks worked to remove the 9-centimetre nail, which had penetrated halfway into Dang’s back.

Karmic justice

The abbot shared his thoughts on the incident.

“I don’t know who did this, but such cruelty towards an animal is too much. However, I will not pursue the person responsible. Let the law of karma take its course. Those who do good will receive good, and those who do bad will face the consequences.”

The incident has sparked outrage and sympathy among the local community and online followers of Phra Khru Koson Wachirakit. Many have expressed their concern for Dang and their condemnation of the cruel act.

Police have yet to identify the individual responsible for the attack, and the temple continues to care for Dang, hoping for his swift recovery, reported KhaoSod.

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