Siberian Husky in urgent need of blood donation after snake bite

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A Siberian Husky faces a dire situation after being bitten by a snake and requiring an urgent blood donation at Kasetsart Animal Hospital in Bang Khen. The dog’s condition necessitated an immediate amputation of its right hind leg to prevent the spread of infection.

The heartfelt plea for help was posted on the Facebook page ปู่ลอยด์, urging dog owners to come forward and donate blood for the Husky’s surgery. The post explained that the Husky’s leg had become necrotic, leading to the difficult decision to amputate. The veterinarians emphasised the need for a blood transfusion to ensure the success of the surgery and the dog’s recovery.

“Maphrao was bitten by a snake. His leg is now dead and unresponsive. The doctors had to amputate his right hind leg to stop the infection from spreading. They mentioned that a blood reserve is crucial for the leg surgery.”

In a call to action, the post outlined the specific criteria for potential blood donors. Eligible dogs must weigh at least 17 kilogrammes, be in good health, free from ticks and fleas, fully vaccinated, and aged between one and seven years.

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“We kindly request blood donations for Maphrao. We appeal to those who have large dogs to come forward.”

The appeal also offered the convenience of picking up the donor dogs if owners could not travel to the hospital. This flexibility aims to encourage more contributions from the community to aid in Maphrao’s critical situation, reported KhaoSod.

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