British man revived in Thailand, giving back in Africa

Picture of Liam Kilby courtesy of Wirral Globe

A British man, revived after dying in an ambulance in Thailand last year, wants to repay the fundraisers who saved his life by helping those less fortunate in Africa.

Liam Kilby was clinically dead for eight minutes following a motorcycle accident in Phuket on May 1 last year, which caused more life-threatening injuries.

The 26 year old from Moreton collided with a clothing shop front window, suffering massive blood loss and going into cardiac arrest as he was taken to the ambulance. Paramedics resuscitated him, and he underwent surgery for his throat and kidneys. Additionally, Kilby developed rhabdomyolysis, a type of kidney failure caused by the crash and spent over a month in a Thai hospital.

Kilby’s family flew out to support him while his sister, Molly, launched a fundraising campaign to cover his medical expenses. A GoFundMe appeal raised approximately £17,000 (797,000 baht) towards a £22,500 (1,054 million baht) bill.

Having recovered, the Merseyside-born philanthropist is heading to Africa next week to raise money for impoverished communities. During his mission, his team will connect fresh water supplies to villages, refurbish schools, and provide food, clothing, and medical treatment.

Kilby describes this humanitarian mission as his way of giving back after everyone supported him following his accident, reported Wirral Globe.

British man revived in Thailand, giving back in Africa | News by Thaiger
Liam Kilby after his almost fateful crash. Picture courtesy of GoFundME

“The team I am with will be going to as many villages as we can to build as much as we can. This is my way of doing what I can to give back and, hopefully, people will get behind me on this.

“Everyone who supports me by donating to my work in Africa will be sent updates on what their money pays towards.

“I’ve so far raised £1600 for the campaign, but aim to raise around £1 million (46.9 million baht) within a year. Anything members of the public donate will be matched by me.”

Explaining his reasons for going to help out in Africa, Liam made known that when he was in a coma, a lot of people helped raise close on £20,000 for his hospital costs.

“The money was raised by family, friends and members of the public, strangers. People helped me out of a hole towards my hospital bills.

“I’m extremely thankful to everyone who helped me and going to Africa to do what I can to help is my way of giving back. I was in a bad place at the time of the accident.

“I spent weeks in a Thai hospital and was very ill on the way home. I went to Arrowe Park when I came back to England, where staff tried to keep me in but I just wanted to go home.

“I’ve been to heaven and hell and back.”

Anyone wishing to help Kilby on his humanitarian mission can reach out and message him @Therarecolourlab_ltd on Instagram or

British man revived in Thailand, giving back in Africa | News by Thaiger

British man revived in Thailand, giving back in Africa | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Liam Kilby

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