Boy saved after hanging attempt in Nakhon Ratchasima

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The emergency services in Nakhon Ratchasima narrowly saved a ten year old boy’s life after he attempted to hang himself under his house. The boy was found unconscious and revived by emergency responders before being rushed to the hospital.

Officers from Non Thai Police Station yesterday received a report in the middle of the night about a boy who had hanged himself with a rope under his house in Ban Moo 5, Makha Subdistrict, Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima province. Upon arrival, police and rescue personnel discovered the ten year old boy lying unconscious. Rescue workers promptly administered CPR, successfully reviving him before transporting him to Non Thai Hospital for further treatment.

The boy’s mother discovered him in the act and managed to intervene just in time, which ultimately saved his life. Currently, the boy is in stable condition and remains under observation at the hospital.

The boy’s father, Duang (a pseudonym), explained that the incident stemmed from a disagreement with the boy’s grandmother. Earlier that day, Duang and his son had gone hunting for frogs together. The boy asked his grandmother to cook the frogs so he could bring them to school for his friends. However, due to the late hour, his grandmother suggested cooking them the following morning.

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The boy insisted on having the frogs cooked immediately, fearing they wouldn’t be ready in time. Frustrated, the grandmother reportedly said, “If you can’t wait, go hang yourself.” The boy, feeling deeply hurt, took the words to heart and attempted to hang himself under the house. Duang expressed his shock, saying he never imagined his son would take such drastic action.

“I never thought my son would take such drastic measures. We will ensure this never happens again and will closely monitor him to prevent any future self-harm.”

The incident highlights the need for careful communication, especially with children. Words, even those said in frustration, can have profound impacts.

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