Bottom’s up: 50 year old Thai woman takes legal action against cheeky neighbour in morning merit mishap

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A 50 year old Thai woman filed a police complaint against her 66 year old neighbour for flashing her bottom while she was doing her morning merit. The accused neighbour defended herself by saying that the complainant was bothering residents in the community by banging a bucket.

The 50 year old complainant, Watinee, filed a complaint against her 66 year old neighbour, Muan, at Mueang Udon Thani Police Station on October 3. Watinee explained that she was waiting outside her house to make food offerings to monks. Wearing an all-white dress, she chased away a stray dog and loudly banged a bucket to drive away evil spirits before making merit.

According to Watinee, it was at this point that Muan exited her residence and exposed her bare bottom. Muan should not have done that to her because she was wearing white clothes and monks were coming.

In response, Watinee struck the bucket once more, saying Muan’s action was a bad thing that she must drive away before her merit-making.

Watinee claimed that Muan had exposed her bottom to her several times before. Sometimes she was wearing white or pink panties, but this time she was not. Watinee said she could not accept this and had to report it to the police.

Watinee clarified that she did not wish to press charges against Muan but hoped that the police would summon her neighbour for a warning against any future lewd behaviour.

Accused neighbour defends herself

In her defence during an interview with Channel 3, Muan claimed that her conflicts with Watinee were not isolated. She argued that other residents shared her frustration with Watinee’s disruptive behaviour, particularly her habit of vigorously banging the bucket. Muan said…

“My family and I have been part of this community for nearly a century, living harmoniously with our neighbours until Watinee moved in. I admit to my actions, but I can no longer tolerate her disruptive behaviour. Not only has Watinee hit the bucket, but she revs her motorcycle and honks her horn as she rides past my house.”

Channel 3 reporters interviewed other locals in the area and found that several residents were indeed bothered by the continuous bucket-banging, although they refrained from voicing their complaints, fearing Watinee’s retaliation.

Neighbouring residents expressed their exhaustion with the ongoing dispute between Muan and Watinee, with some choosing relocation as a means of escaping the ongoing discord.

Up to this point, law enforcement had not intervened in the matter, and it remained unclear whether the police had initiated a dialogue between the two parties to seek a resolution.

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