Boeing 787 emergency dive: Gulf Air flight’s shocking diversion to Bangkok sparks panic

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A Gulf Air routine flight GF250 took an unexpected detour from Bahrain to Dhaka, diving into an emergency landing in Bangkok.

The gripping incident unfolded as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, flight A9C-FE, grappled with foggy mayhem and fuel crises.

A Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, en route from Bahrain to Dhaka, plunged into a nail-biting emergency over Bangkok. The routine journey of flight GF250 took an unforeseen twist as A9C-FE declared a crisis mid-air.

Gulf Air’s fleet, boasting ten Boeing 787-9 variants, faced the ultimate test as A9C-FE, a Dreamliner more than five years old, bore the weight of an emergency diversion. With eight 787-9s actively soaring and two temporarily grounded, the airline maintains an average fleet age of 4.6 years. As the incident unfolded, questions arose about the fleet’s endurance and preparedness for unexpected challenges.

Departing from Bahrain at 9.03pm local time, the ill-fated GF250 embarked on its usual journey to Dhaka. As the aircraft approached Dhaka’s airport, it descended smoothly but shockingly entered holding patterns. The skies over Bangladesh were cloaked in dense fog, reducing visibility to a mere 100 metres, forcing the crew’s hand.

With Bangkok offering more favourable weather conditions, the decision to reroute emerged as a survival imperative. The mid-air crisis escalated, with the 7700 emergency squawk blaring, indicating an urgent need for intervention, reported Aviation Source News.

As the drama unfolded, reports suggest that the emergency squawk stemmed from the crew’s perilous situation—running low on fuel. In a race against time, Gulf Air flight GF250 diverted to Bangkok, seeking a priority landing to avert potential disaster. The Bangkok skyline became an unexpected haven as the aircraft, once bound for Dhaka, touched down at 9.13am local time.

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