Temple trickster: Deceitful vendor bags counterfeit scam in northern Thailand

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A deceitful vendor, Anoma (surname withheld), was apprehended by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) outside a famous temple in Chiang Mai. Anoma was caught red-handed for defrauding the public by faking illness to solicit funds for her medical treatment and deceiving customers into buying counterfeit designer bags.

The arrest was a result of a court warrant issued on October 25, under sections 3651/2023 for “defrauding the public and inputting false information into a computer system.”

Anoma’s deceptive scheme was revealed when officers noticed her posts across various online social platforms. In these posts, she would claim that she or her husband was seriously ill and needed extensive medical treatment.

This fabricated narrative, intended to gain sympathy, was then followed by an offer to sell clothing and counterfeit designer bags of various brands at prices significantly lower than market rates.

Many fell for her tale of hardship and transferred money to order these items in a bid to help, only to find they never received the products as agreed. This led victims to suspect that the deceitful vendor had made up the whole story to swindle money from them. The victims collectively reported the case to the CCIB, which led to her subsequent arrest, reported KhaoSod.

Upon interrogation, Anoma denied all allegations. The deceitful vendor was then handed over to the investigation officers at the CCIB to proceed with legal action. The investigation into this case continues.

In related news, high-profile social media personality Krittidet Pongprapas has been arrested on multiple charges, including fraud and computer-related offences.

The 27 year old had built an impressive online profile by posing with luxury cars and showcasing ostentatious spending habits, which he used to lure at least 30 women into fraudulent relationships, causing an estimated financial loss of 10 million baht. Read more about this story HERE.

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