Bedazzling deceit: Thai woman accuses famous sorcerer of spiritual sex scam

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A Thai woman accused a famous sorcerer of tricking her into having intercourse with him, claiming that sex was part of a process to expel evil spirits from her soul.

The 26 year old woman approached non-profit organisation Saimai Survive and urged them to file a lawsuit against a 63 year old sorcerer named Harn Raksajit, also known as Novice Air, for repeatedly raping her. She said the sexual assault started when she sought help on evil eviction from him.

The Thai woman said she clashed with her neighbour who she believed was using black magic against her. She felt that someone was always staring at her and that her behaviour had changed after the conflict.

She tried to solve the problem and searched online for a talented sorcerer or wizard until she found Harn. The Thai woman decided to go to Harn’s house in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok to perform a ceremony to get rid of the black magic.

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On arrival, Harn asked her to go into a room and undress for the ceremony. The sorcerer attempted to insert his penis into her vagina during the ceremony, but she refused and asked him to stop.

According to the woman, Harn insisted that it was the only way to get the evil spirit out of her soul, so she agreed to have sex with him. Harn asked her to continue the ceremony as the evil spirits were still in her soul. The Thai woman followed his instructions and later realised that he deceived her because nothing had improved.

Sorcerer denies accusation

Channel 3 contacted Harn to ask questions about the matter. Harn initially denied the allegation, saying his ceremonies were performed in front of his followers and staff. He accused the woman of trying to destroy his reputation and image.

Harn added that he had gained a good reputation and had a large following because of it. He insisted that he was well-behaved and respected by his followers.

Harn eventually admitted he had sex with the woman but in a spousal relationship. He claimed to have met the woman in 2021 and built up a relationship with her. He rented a house for her to stay and kept giving her money. He transferred money to the woman several times, totalling more than 1 million baht.

Harn said the woman had changed in recent years. She asked for more money, saying she was pregnant and wanted financial support for the baby. Harn took a fertility test and found out he was sterile, so he was sure the woman was cheating on him and stopped giving her any more money.

Harn said the woman might be angry with him and had made up the story. He also accused the woman of having a mental illness.

The magician claimed that he initially denied the allegation because he could not recognise the woman due to her blurred face in the reports. He insisted that he had made love to the woman and had not deceived her. He added that he still missed her and wanted to talk to her.

Officers raided Harn’s home today, November 1, and questioned him about the matter. Harn has not yet been charged because officers needed to investigate the case further and question the woman to determine whether the sex was consensual or rape.

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