Bedridden Thai man dies after he was forced to physically renew ID

Image by Prangtong Jaiboon via Facebook

In an incident eliciting nationwide outrage, a chronically ill Thai man from Pathum Thani province was required by local authorities to physically appear for the renewal of his expired national ID, despite being bedridden. The man tragically passed away a day after the ID was renewed, putting Thai bureaucratic systems under scrutiny.

Facebook user Prangtong Jaiboon recently posted about the unfortunate incident involving her ailing father, whose national ID had expired. Prangtong stated that the district authorities insisted her father should be physically present for the ID renewal procedure despite her explanations that he was bedridden and cannot fend for himself due to declining health. Prangtong queried if there was an alternative method that would spare her father the distress of the trip, such as presenting a power of attorney or the officials visiting the home to verify her father’s condition.

However, the authorities of Pathumthani province maintained that regardless of the patient’s condition – be that bedridden, serious ailment, wheelchair-bound, immobile, on life-support or assisted breathing devices – their physical presence is required at the district office. If the patient is unable to transport himself, an ambulance service would be provided to carry him. Disabled persons had to follow the same regulations, having to be present at the provincial hall for the renewal of their ID. It was finally on June 7, that her ailing father had to renew his ID. Unfortunately, the following day, June 8, he passed away.

The renewed ID was merely used for a photograph with all other details being reused from the old information.

Prangtong questioned why the ID was necessary, while her father was entitled to direct payment and had rights to government hospital treatments. Her father was receiving various medications, one under the ‘Luwang Prakop’ (Royal Benefit) scheme as his elder brother was a military officer.

The new national ID was left unused as her father tragically died. Prangtong profoundly wondered as to how many such cases of ailing individuals being transported persist and how many more lives will be lost before a change is made in the Thai bureaucratic system. The incident leaves a heartbreaking question mark on the country’s public administrative system, reported KhaoSod Online.

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