Bangkok residents seek help for man disrupting nights with rituals

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A Bangkok community raised concerns about a man performing nightly rituals involving chanting and lighting 99 candles to worship a mystical substance, due to fears of fire hazards and safety risks, residents have sought intervention from the authorities and media to address the issue.

Locals are alarmed by the actions of a 41 year old man who claims to be a disciple of a mystical entity believed to possess supernatural powers.

The man often chants loudly and sings the national anthem at night, disturbing the peace and causing anxiety among locals.

After his nightly anthem, he performs rituals to worship the entity, placing candles around himself and sometimes bathing on the street, occasionally wearing only underwear.

Despite these unsettling actions, the man has not exhibited aggressive behaviour and speaks politely, though his conduct has led to fears for his mental and physical health. Residents have called for his treatment, worried that his condition may worsen without proper intervention.

The community also suspects that the man uses drugs, heightening their concern for the safety of both the neighbourhood and his own family.

99 candle worship

The man admitted to lighting 99 candles as part of his worship, attributing his faith in the entity to a previous life-threatening incident where he was shot but survived. He demonstrated his chanting and singing for the media, explaining that it brings him peace and a sense of safety.

The man’s 72 year old father revealed that his son has struggled with drug addiction since the age of 20, leading to his current mental health issues. Despite continuous treatment for both mental health and addiction, costing the family 15,000 baht per month for over a year, the man’s condition has not improved.

He once caused a fire in their apartment, forcing the family to pay for damages and eventually making him live outside the house under a tent, where he continues his nightly rituals.

His father mentioned that although they do not give him money to prevent him from buying drugs, the man still manages to acquire tobacco, raising questions about how he obtains funds. He lives off food provided by local temples.

Local authorities and the Ministry of Public Health have been contacted to arrange for the man’s psychiatric treatment. Additionally, contacts have also been made with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to assist with housing and other related welfare needs.

It was reported that the man has now been taken into custody for treatment. A search revealed no illegal drugs, only tobacco, talcum powder, a wallet, and personal items in his shoulder bag, reported Khaosod.

The community hopes that with proper care, the man’s condition will improve, ensuring the safety and peace of the neighbourhood.

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