Bangkok taxi driver faces fines, license suspension, training classes after passenger complains about ride

PHOTO: Kwang Traisuli Traisornkul/Twitter

A Bangkok taxi driver has been fined, has his license suspended, and has to take a training class after his erratic behaviour unnerved a passenger.

The passenger posted online about the eccentric taxi ride that was supposed to take them from Victory Monument to Klong 6, Pathum Thani, last Sunday. However, the passenger cut the ride short and got off at Future Park, instead. According to the unnamed passenger, the car ride included the driver spitting, pretending to stab himself, and laughing to himself. It was not stated what he pretended to stab himself with if anything.

Taxi driver in meeting
PHOTO: Kwang Traisuli Traisornkul/Twitter

The Department of Land Transport in Bangkok stepped in after the passenger posted. They tracked down Sorawuth Sumalee, who reportedly admitted to his idiosyncratic behaviour. The department responded by fining him 1,000 baht for being unsafe, 1,000 baht for being impolite, and throwing a 15 day suspension his way. They also ordered him to sit through 3 hours of training. The nature of the training was stated as “rules and regulations”.

The infraction was also recorded in a database.

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SOURCE: ASEAN Now Daily News

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