BMA takes a stand: Puts its foot (and mouth) down on disease spread in Bangkok schools

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In an urgent preventive move, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) mandated all schools across the Thai capital to implement stringent measures to curb the spread of hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and dengue fever. This decision comes amid unsettling reports of these viruses evolving into wide-reaching epidemics among school-aged children.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt yesterday highlighted the importance of hygiene and virus prevention in schools at a meeting at Wichuthit School in the Din Daeng district,

Drawing attention to the perturbing stats, the 57 year old Bangkok chief stated that the occurrence of HFMD cases has seen an exponential increase, five times higher than what it was the previous year. The disease primarily targets daycare centres and is most prevalent among children who are less than five years old.

The typical progression of HFMD manifests initially as a fever during the first three days, which subsequently devolves into developing rashes on hands, feet and inside the mouth. Thus far, no deaths attributable to HFMD have been recorded during the current year.

Faced with the alarmingly high transmissibility of diseases such as HFMD, RSV and dengue, schools have been instructed to promptly shut down temporarily if a significant number of cases are detected across multiple classes.

The general medically prescribed course of treatment spans approximately 5 to 7 days at home. However, young children who fail to receive timely treatment might experience severe health complications, marking the gravity of the situation.

BMA takes a stand: Puts its foot (and mouth) down on disease spread in Bangkok schools | News by Thaiger

Graphic courtesy of Hudson Regional Health Commission.HFMD, RSV and dengue are not the only epidemic threats to the kingdom. Two days ago a severe case of Monkeypox in Thailand, infecting a 34 year old man with HIV and syphilis, culminated in the country’s first fatal mishap related to the viral scourge.

Explicating the unfolding of events, the DDC’s Director-General Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong took note of the initial discomforts plaguing the unnamed Thai man. On July 3, he contended with a fever, constant headaches, itchiness and a rash that covered most of his body. To learn more about the story click HERE.

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