Harry Potter fan brews up a scandal: Hagrid-lookalike spotted in street love potion mishap (video)

Picture courtesy of Charlie Oxley.

A seemingly ordinary afternoon beer-drinking session at a Manchester-based hotel took an unusual turn when a local spotted a man, looking like the Harry Potter character Hagrid, indulging in a spot of sexual intercourse on the street. This incident attracted considerable attention on Twitter, having been viewed widely – over a million times to be precise.

The entire scene was captured on video by a 25 year old local man named Charlie Oxley, who was at the time enjoying a relaxing afternoon drink at the hotel with his girlfriend. The couple’s serene moment was unexpectedly disrupted last weekend when they became aware of some suspicious antics coming from another couple outside the hotel.

The video shared by Oxley started with him seated across his girlfriend, when suddenly she burst into laughter causing him to turn and see what was happening behind.

As Oxley turned around, a rather unusual sight awaited him, another couple leaning against the hotel’s exterior wall, their movements rather peculiar. Whilst the woman was leaning against the wall, the man was bent towards her, his left hand holding her hand and their bodies strangely twitching.

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At one point, the woman seemed to back up, mouth agape, while the man’s right hand appeared to be busy in the middle area of their bodies.

Oxley subsequently shared the raunchy video on Twitter, narrating how he and his girlfriend were quietly enjoying their beers at the hotel when she prompted him to look towards the back, which led to the shocking discovery of the couple’s peculiar behaviour. It is worth noting that the entire occurrence was captured on camera at around 4.30pm, reported the Daily Star.

Following the video’s dissemination on Twitter, numerous netizens jumped in to share their thoughts on the matter. Some users light-heartedly suggested that the suspicious scene was reminiscent of a love scene between characters Cho Chang and Hagrid from the widely recognised Harry Potter book and film series.

Harry Potter fan brews up a scandal: Hagrid-lookalike spotted in street love potion mishap (video) | News by Thaiger
Harry Potter character Hagrid played by Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane.

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