Bangkok launches Vape Operation crackdown on e-cigarette sales

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A comprehensive Vape Operation was launched at 2.30pm on Wednesday, March 6, resulting in a crackdown on major e-cigarette sales sources in various areas of Bangkok. The operation was coordinated by Dr Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, alongside relevant agencies. The targeted e-cigarette sales were estimated to be worth over 3 million baht.

Following a detailed police investigation, Dr Puangpetch and his team conducted hands-on inspections in several areas across the city. The focus was on community areas where e-cigarette vendors were reportedly selling their products to minors and students.

Before digging deeper into the warehouses serving as distribution centres in the Daeng area, the officers seized the disputed property. The investigation also uncovered online platforms used for delivering the products to consumers, as reported by the police.

This Vape Operation involved a collaborative effort across all sectors, aimed at suppressing and eradicating e-cigarettes from Thai society. Consequently, 15 different locations were raided, resulting in the arrest of eight suspects involved in e-cigarette sales in Bangkok.

Over 10,000 illegal e-cigarette-related products were confiscated, with an estimated total value of three million baht (US$84,364).

Dr Puangpetch highlighted the Thai government’s commitment to halt the illegal sales of e-cigarettes, which were easily accessible to minors and students in the area. He further expressed concern over the location of these shops, many of which were found in proximity to educational institutes, reported The Pattaya News.

Bangkok launches Vape Operation crackdown on e-cigarette sales | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

The e-cigarette packages had enticing appearances to allure minors to purchase the product, Dr Puangpetch pointed out.

Dr Puangpetch also called on all guardians and parents to exercise vigilance and ensure their children steer clear of e-cigarettes, citing the potential harm they could cause to the body and their possible impact on brain development.

Dr Puangpetch encouraged anyone aware of illegal e-cigarette sales to report them by dialling 1166, using the Traffy Fondue application, or any government hotline.

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