Picture perfect scandal: Bangkok governor addresses leaked intimate photos

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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt addressed intimate pictures of him with an unnamed woman that were circulated on social media. These pictures showed the 57 year old Bangkok chief kissing a blonde woman in a restaurant.

Chadchart today admitted that the photographs were taken in a private setting and unrelated to his role as Governor of Bangkok in any way.

He admitted that the images may have offended someone and extended an apology for the trouble they may have caused, adding he would exercise greater caution in the future.

When Chadchart was asked about his relationship with the woman in the picture, he declined to comment, stating that it was not related to his work as Bangkok governor and that he did not want to involve others who were not related to his job. The picture was allegedly taken before Chadchart was elected as Governor of Bangkok. He said…

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“Regarding the leaked pictures, I have to explain because my brother might be in trouble. Actually, there’s nothing to it. They are old photos from last May, taken during a birthday party for one of our friends. It was a surprise party held in a private area. The actual event may not be the same as what it seems in the photos, similar to kissing a cheek. I didn’t think it would be shared. Only my son, Sandee, continues to be in my heart at this moment in time.”

Chadchart last week was asked to rate his performance as Bangkok’s governor and he rated it as five out of 10 after completing his first year in office. Despite facing criticism for his lack of achievements, Chadchart, who won the election by a landslide on May 22 last year, said it was a matter of opinion.

Chadchart contributed a significant amount of worthwhile work to the community ever since he assumed the role of Governor of Bangkok. To read more click HERE.

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