Motorcyclist and child fall into road sinkhole in Nonthaburi (video)

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A dramatic road collapse under the Rama IV Bridge in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, sent a motorcyclist and a child tumbling into a sinkhole hole, prompting swift rescue efforts by locals. The incident, which occurred at 11.20am, severely disrupted traffic and led to an immediate closure of the affected area.

A video capturing the heart-stopping moment when a section of the road in front of Wat Bor suddenly gave way has gone viral, thanks to a post by FM91 Trafficpro. The footage shows vehicles navigating the stretch when, without warning, the road collapses, forming a large, deep pit.

A pickup truck narrowly avoids disaster, stopping just in time, but a motorcycle carrying a young man and a child is less fortunate, plunging into the chasm. Onlookers rush to the scene, pulling the pair to safety.

The collapse caused significant traffic congestion, with officials promptly shutting down the road and launching an investigation into the cause. At 11.25am, reports confirmed that the outbound section of Chaengwattana Road in front of Wat Bor was closed to traffic heading towards Pak Kret Pier.

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The area under the Rama IV Bridge is known for heavy traffic, and the unexpected subsidence added to the daily challenges faced by commuters. The local authorities acted quickly to assess the situation, focusing on both the immediate concerns for public safety and the broader implications for the infrastructure, reported KhaoSod.

FM91 Trafficpro’s social media post, complete with dramatic visuals from the Pakkret CCTV, has brought widespread attention to the incident.

In related news, in November last year, a giant sinkhole disrupted traffic at the mouth of the Pak Kret tunnel on Tiwanon Road when a precast concrete slab, covering an electrical conduit, collapsed due to heavy traffic. Authorities quickly cleared the area and temporarily halted traffic to urgently repair the damage, aiming to finish before the morning rush hour.

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