Miracle man: Thai doctors wave the white flag, but life waves back

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An extraordinary incident unfolded in the Amnat Charoen province in northeast Thailand as a 63 year old man was revived after doctors had conceded defeat to his deteriorating health condition. After a final farewell ceremony was abruptly interrupted by the seemingly deceased man, he brought shocking news of his encounter with a long-dead friend in the wilderness.

In a quiet village adjoining Phu Phanomdee temple, which locals called a ‘Million Rock Pagoda,’ reporters met Noi, the 63 year old in question, who seemed perfectly normal as he was lying on a wooden cart in front of his house. We also met his 63 year old wife, Pen, who narrated the chain of events from June 22. Noi, suffering from lung disease and tuberculosis, was initially hospitalised at Sanangkanikom Hospital. His worsening condition led to his transfer to Amnat Charoen Hospital.

Upon reaching Amnat Charoen Hospital, despite the medical team’s best efforts, Noi’s condition plunged into shock, followed by a sharp decline. Presuming the worst and not wanting her husband to suffer further, Pen decided to bring him home to breathe his last. The hospital staff fitted him with a breathing aid and Noi was prepared to be taken home, reported Sanook.

As the family prepared for his imminent passing, Noi startled them by suddenly requesting a carbonated drink. Helping him to avoid choking, his daughter administered the drink with a syringe. Astonishingly, Noi then sat up like any healthy individual, causing his family to rejoice while being shocked at the same time.

Noi then recounted his journey into a dense forest where he met his friend, Boon, who had passed away over ten years ago. Apparently, Boon told him that his time had not yet come and escorted him back home. Boon warned that someone would come for him within three days, a prophecy that did not materialise as it was already day four since his revival following his encounter.

Muay, a neighbourhood close to Noi’s residence, also shared her surprise, especially when Noi revived and asked for a fizzy drink. She claimed this was a first in all her years living here. Following village faith, the locals sought guidance from a spiritual healer regarding this unusual incident. Echoing Boon’s words, the healer stated that Noi’s demise was not due yet and sought the villagers to stay cautious for the next two-three days, expecting a soul to fetch Noi. This intriguing incident has left the villagers in a state of wonder.

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